Terraliving Consultants Inc. (TLC) is proud to support various community events in the beautiful Okanagan valley. In 2014 Ogopogo Art Contest continued under Ogopogo Foundation MANDATE.

Ogopogo Art Contest

Ogopogo Foundation and supporters are encouraging all children between the ages of 1 and 12 to use their imagination and submit their art to the Vernon office by May 31. All art has to be related to the legendary Okanagan Ogopogo.

Age categories are:

  • - 1 to 6 years old
  • - 7 to 12 years old


Together with one parent, the winners have the opportunity to join the Ogopogo Foundation team on a SEARCH for the Okanagan's Ogopogo on the last long weekend of August.

For more information download our brochure.

If you would like to sponsor this great event please contact Ogopogo Foundation.


Ogopogo Art Contest 2012

Over 200 submissions.

Sponsors: OK Garden, Louisa, Dr. Larou, TLC

1 to 6 years old age category winners:

1st place - Kimmimela and 6th place - Kimora Louis

  • - 1st place: Kimmimela Louis from Vernon
  • - 2nd place: Tomasz Ociepa from Vernon
  • - 3rd place: Veronica Ociepa from Vernon
  • - 4th place: Kayera McEwen, Kelowna
  • - 5th place: Kimora Louis, Vernon
  • - 6th place: Lacey Bellefontaine, Kelowna



7 to 12 years old age category winners:

1st place - Sophie Wiebe

  • - 1st place: Sophie Wiebe, Vernon
  • - 2nd place: Katie Burd, Kelowna
  • - 3rd place: Kristen Ciurka, Vernon
  • - 4th place: Olivia Carlson, Westbank
  • - 5th place: Micah Martens, Vernon
  • - 6th place: Carter Wynsouw, Kelowna


The final trip to search for Ogopogo CHBC interview: http://globalnews.ca/news/649474/ogopogo-inspiration/


Ogopogo Art Contest 2013

Over 150 submissions.

Sponsors: OK Garden, Louisa, Dr. Wessels, TLC

1 to 6 years old age category winners:

from left: 5th place Sheanna Phelan, 1st place Shion Phelan, 3rd place Kimmimela Louis

  • - 1st place: Shion Phelan, Vernon
  • - 2nd place: Kofenzna Lafond, Westbank
  • - 3rd place: Kimmimela Louis, Vernon
  • - 4th place: Charlie Otum Lidley Manchester, Westbank
  • - 5th place: Sheanna Phelan, Vernon
  • - 6th place: Racer Miller, Vernon



7 to 12 years old age category winners:

from left: 1st place Keianna James, Andy Matysiak TLC president, Keianna's father Darryl James below

  • - 1st place: Keianna James, Oliver
  • - 2nd place: James McFazden, Oliver
  • - 3rd place: Georgia Wenger, Vernon
  • - 4th place: Maia Matysiak, Vernon
  • - 5th place: Maddo Crumb, Kelowna
  • - 6th place: Warrick Crumb, Kelowna