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TLC is skilled at evaluating watercourse crossings from environmental, ground stability and engineering perspectives and can design crossing structures from a wide variety of classical and more modern designs.

engineering audits

When an engineering audit is required, TLC is the right choice for senior governments, municipalities, private industries, public sector organizations and Aboriginal communities.

geotechnical engineering

TLC provides both engineering and environmental services at the same time on your site. Our trained professionals meet multiple site requirements without the need for you to contract several companies.

land developments

One of the first steps in subdividing land is to conduct an environmental assessment of the area, followed by a survey and the design of the subdivision.


When your plans involve a railway crossing or working within the right of way of existing railways, TLC can assist with permitting, surveying, designing and project management.


TLC are experienced in evaluating challenging terrain to lay out the best possible roadways.   We apply an environmentally sensitive approach with the long term goal of bringing both environmental concerns and client needs to a successful resolution.