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Environmental Services:

Environmental Assessments

 • cumulative effects assessments

 • environmental impact assessments

 • environmental monitoring

 • riparian areas regulation assessment




Environmental Management & Planning

 • compensation plans

 • environmental audits



 • fish habitat inventories

 • fish habitat rehabilitation and enhancement

 • fish salvage


stream inventory and assessments

stream rehabilitation and stream bank stabilization



water quality control




 • bird nesting survey

 • species inventory and management

 • wildlife habitat assessments


Green Roof Design Services:

extensive green roof designs

semi-intensive green roof designs

intensive green roof designs






Engineering Services:

bridge design and inspections

engineering audits


Geotechnical Engineering


erosion, drainage control and rehabilitation

geotechnical structures and earthworks

landslide assessment and rehabilitation

terrain stability assessments


Hydrology & Hydraulics



flood protection

river engineering


Other Engineering

land developments

railway crossings

road design, layout and inspections

structural inspections

wildlife passage design and inspections


Surveying Services

construction surveys

legal surveys via Shoesmith Land Surveys


mineral exploration surveys




site surveys

topographic surveys



Project Management Services:


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Terra Living Wall Systems

TLC is very excited to offer creative, innovative and customized Terra Living Wall or Terrafood Living Wall solutions for your home or business. The benefits of having Terra Living Wall or Terrafood Living Wall systems installed are limitless. Some benefits include: improving indoor air quality, carbon sequestration, building protection, noise reduction, energy savings, increasing property value, health and wellness value, food production and aesthetic beauty.

For more information about Terra Living Wall or Terrafood Living Wall systems, contact TLC at 1-250-306-5345 or via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit